Assessment centre on the horizon?

headphoneWould you like to maximise your performance during assessment centres and group exercises?

If so, CIMA’s Grad Club, in conjunction with The CV & Interview Advisors, are inviting you to attend a free webinar on Monday 2 October at 1:00pm to help ensure that you’re equipped with the appropriate skills.

In this 45 minute session, you will learn:

• What to actually prepare … it’s not just looking at company websites!
• Psychometric testing hints and tips.
• Essential presentation techniques
• …and much more!
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There will be a Q&A session after the webinarfor you to ask any questions.

Try these

efc – efinancialcareers – have some examples of four questions from numbersfinance firms’ psychometric test providers. Apparently without using a calculator, you should be able to answer these questions in ‘well under five minutes’.  It’s said that the actual tests are much harder!

Scary thought?  Take at look at the information to help you on our website where you can find some practice tests and useful tips.  Remember you can always come and talk to your Placement Adviser or Careers Consultant.

Find that finance job!

Why should you take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)?

  • It could lead to a job or internship in the finance industry
  • It will help you to evaluate your skills
  • It’s a great addition to your CV
  • It’s open to all student and recent graduates – all levels and disciplines
  • It’s free!

Open to all students –  but particularly those who are interested in working in the finance sector.


Situational strengths tests (SSTs)

choicesSSTs are designed to assess the core strengths that are needed to work in a placement or graduate role with a particular recruiter. The test presents a series of scenarios that you are likely to encounter on a regular basis and looks at how you would respond to these, asking you to select from a list of multiple options.

Get some practice:

  • Capp Sample assessment (although targeted at recruiters)
  • EY Information about the strengths process that they use during recruitment
  • Nestlé Test demo
  • TfL Basic information about the purpose of the test and how to approach it

Who’s my career consultant?

grads_jumping_800_8157Simples!  Contact them to see how they can help you!

Recent Brunel graduate?  You can get help from the PDC for up to two years after graduation though it’s best to get in touch with us sooner rather than later to maximise the help we can give you.

At handholdingkeyhome and not able to get into uni?  No worries!  Get some help by email or ‘phone (some careers consultants also use Skype)!

Consultants can talk to you about your career options, check applications, give you interview advice, and more…

Assess yourself

and get some practice on the JobTestPrep site!


  • In-tray exercise
    Play the role of a manager and improve your time management and prioritisation skills. Get an explanation for each question and a final score report
  • Situational judgement test
    Graduate level questions that evaluate your judgement abilities in work related situations and conflicts.  12 questions in 30 minutes with explanations and score report
  • Psychometric test practice hub
    Psychometric test samples.  The tests produce a score report, allowing you to review your results with access to explanations