Get primed…

‘Do you really understand how financial markets work? How an investment bank, hedge fund money-manor asset manager operates and how they fit into the wider scheme of things? If you’re going for an entry-level job in finance, you’ll need to know this stuff – and explain exactly why you want to work in the particular sector you choose.’

Take a look at this article on the eFinancialCareers site if you’re searching for or about to start your first job in investment banking, hedge funds or private equity.

Don’t give up!

Keep on applying!  This article on eFinancialCareers site has some useful tips. Change your game play, get a system!
Don’t be put off because the article relates to the finance sector as the tips could set you on track to improve your chances of getting that job!

Tips for arts graduates

  • Exploit your strengths
  • Think about what you enjoy – channel it into your career
  • Prepare while you’re at uni – get that work experience, and network
  • Don’t restrict yourself to the arts sector – think laterally and explore technical sectors too
  • Re-think your career if it’s not working
  • Read this Guardian article