Investment banking careers quiz

Which investment banking jobs should you apply to?finance_skyscrapers

eFinancialCareers have looked at the careers websites of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley and extracted banks’ own statements about the ideal personalities for particular jobs, and have then put these into five key job types. Take the quiz!

Good news…

you can now get a loan for your Masters course but you do have to pay it back!piggybank

The basics or take a look at this video:

  • You will have to be studying a taught or research Masters course
  • You can be studying at uni or by distance learning
  • You have to be under 60 when you commence your course
  • You must normally live in England
  • You can apply for up to £10,000 towards your course and living costs
  • You can apply from this summer (June 2016)
  • You will be charged interest on your loan but will only start to repay this once you’ve finished your course and earning over £21,000 pa.  Remember that, if you’ve had a loan for your undergraduate course, you’ll also have to repay that too

Find out more on the Student Finance England – SFE’s dedicated student finance zone on the The Student Room and  FindAMasters websites.

Deductions, deductions

Tempted by that new mobile?  Not sure whether you can afford it?calendar_12m

Now you can use the NatWest interactive Salary Calculator to work out how much you will have to spend once national insurance, tax and pension etc have been deducted from your pay/salary.  Remember to deduct your other regular outgoings such as rent, food, travel and that mobile tariff as well though!

You can also use it to work out your pay for part-time, full-time, and temporary/contracted work, and over a specific time period.

Try these

efc – efinancialcareers – have some examples of four questions from numbersfinance firms’ psychometric test providers. Apparently without using a calculator, you should be able to answer these questions in ‘well under five minutes’.  It’s said that the actual tests are much harder!

Scary thought?  Take at look at the information to help you on our website where you can find some practice tests and useful tips.  Remember you can always come and talk to your Placement Adviser or Careers Consultant.

Find that finance job!

Why should you take the Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)?

  • It could lead to a job or internship in the finance industry
  • It will help you to evaluate your skills
  • It’s a great addition to your CV
  • It’s open to all student and recent graduates – all levels and disciplines
  • It’s free!

Open to all students –  but particularly those who are interested in working in the finance sector.