Improve your chances of interview success!

Monday 26 June 2017
The job market is fiercely competitive and many perfectly credible candidates fail toheadphone secure the interviews they deserve simply because their CV is just not providing the information that recruiters and hiring managers are really looking for. The good news is that, if you have the right knowledge, skills and experience, just presenting that information more effectively on your CV can lead to a 50% increase in interviews.

So CIMA’s Grad Club are inviting you to attend our FREE webinar – with a Q&A session at the end – where you will learn how to effectively present yourself via your CV in order to really differentiate you from your competition:

  • How to assess whether your current CV is good enough
  • How to write an effective CV that will secure more interviews
  • Some great tips on how to get experience if you believe you don’t have any – without getting a job!


Join the CIMA Grad Club. Be Inspired. Get Hired.

What’s really happening in banking?

Get some pointers from J.P. Morgan’s team of European banking analysts by reading this manonboxwithquestionarticle on the efinancialcareers (efc) website.  efc have pulled out J.P. Morgan’s sector revenue forecasts and then listed some questions based upon the bank-by-bank issues J.P. Morgan’s analysts highlight in their report.

The end product is 25 questions you could consider asking at banking interviews – but phrased with care and a little less bluntness!