Interview success?

A 30-Second Cheat Sheet for Interview Success

Application processes are hard, but for most candidates the most nerve-wrenching moments of job hunting come from interviewing.

By the time you arrive at the interview location, you should have already completed most of your interview prep: researched the company, practised common interview questions, read back through the job spec and CV. But even in that last half-a-minute before you walk into the interview room, you can employ some preparation tactics to help give you an edge.

The following tips are super simple but incredibly effective in helping you combat your nerves and make a fantastic first impression.

  1. Recite a positivity mantra

Sounds cheesy, is cheesy, but works. Before your interview, think about your greatest strengths and all the times you’ve felt proud of yourself.  Focusing on the positives instantly boosts our self-esteem and helps us start the interview confidently.

  1. Prepare your opener

Figure out the first thing you’re going to say when you walk into that room. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a general greeting is perfect – but thinking about it in advance stops you from freezing or garbling your words.

  1. Adopt a power pose

Body language is important. So-called “power-poses” (think standing tall and having an open posture) pack a double whammy: they make you appear confident and self-assured, and they make you feel more confident and self-assured! Just don’t overegg it.

  1. Take a deep breath

When you’re nervous, one of the best things you can do is simply take a big breath in, and another big breath out. Slow, steady breathing signals to the brain to calm down and is scientifically proven to combat anxiety.

  1. Smile

Always enter the interview room with a smile. It will make you look friendly and approachable – traits that interviewers like! Scientists say it takes just seven seconds for interviewers to form their first impression of a candidate, a smile makes sure it’s a good one. Plus, the mere act of smiling has been shown to make people feel more positive.

Beth Leslie is a career and lifestyle writer for Inspiring Interns – a graduate recruitment agency which helps career starters find everything from project management roles to marketing internships.

Mock interview?

free-postitnoteGraduate recruitment specialist, Rare Recruitment, is currently offering free mock interviews for undergraduates interested in a career in Banking and Finance.

This is part of a new social research project we are conducting looking into language and unconscious bias in graduate recruitment.

The Mock Interview
The mock interview will last for approximately 45 minutes and it will be a 1-1 session with Andrew Osayemi. Andrew traded FX for RBS in both London and New York for five years. Andrew was a market maker of FX FWDs and Short-End European Interest Rare Derivatives to Corporate, Hedge fund and Inter-bank counter-parties. In his current role, Andrew focuses on helping Rare candidates to achieve their full potential and gain highly competitive roles with Rare’s clients. He works with candidates in one-on-one sessions and in groups to expand their knowledge of IB and markets.

As part of the mock interview, you will get specific feedback on their strengths and weaknesses. You can also ask Andrew for tips on how to enhance your commercial awareness and feedback on how you come across in interview. Participating in the project will also give you the opportunity to be part of a project aiming for wider social change in the area of unconscious bias.

The Project
At Rare, we believe that excellence comes in many different forms and we will be using the software we develop in order to try and bring about a social change. In order to create our software, we require lots of clips of different people speaking in a mock interview setting. After our analysis of the footage, short clips of participants, of around one minute, may feature in the software.

The end product of our research will hopefully inform software which will be shared with Rare internally and with Rare’s partner organisations who have an interest in eliminating unconscious bias in graduate recruitment (currently, Herbert Smith Freehills, Deloitte, Freshfields, Allen & Overy and Clifford Chance).

The mock interviews will be held on Wednesday 2–Saturday 5 August 2017. Travel expenses can be reimbursed.

If interested, please contact for more information.

What’s really happening in banking?

Get some pointers from J.P. Morgan’s team of European banking analysts by reading this manonboxwithquestionarticle on the efinancialcareers (efc) website.  efc have pulled out J.P. Morgan’s sector revenue forecasts and then listed some questions based upon the bank-by-bank issues J.P. Morgan’s analysts highlight in their report.

The end product is 25 questions you could consider asking at banking interviews – but phrased with care and a little less bluntness!