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  • Undergraduate Awards: Apply online at
  • Scholarship awards for postgraduates
  • Financial assistance: Grants to mechanical engineering students who are in financial difficulties, as well as those who need special equipment to complete their studies

‘Make that leap! Starting out…

 as a young professional’ is a book for anyone beginning a professional career or just wanting to get ahead a bit faster.  Jan De Sutter, a coach and trainer, guides you through the essential ‘soft skills’ that will get you noticed and make your work more successful and fulfilled.

1 Why being smart isn’t enough | 2 Solving problems | 3 Meeting expectations |
4 Managing time |5 Communicating | 6 Working in teams | 7 Being resilient |
8 Managing and leading | 9 Learning and developing | 10 Know yourself to understand others |  11 What’s next?  Annexes: How to land your first job | How to prepare for a job interview | Bibliography | Other resources

It includes a self-assessment app that you can try free at

Want to work for a top employer brand?

gurardianuk300_oct17Based on the survey results of 62,814 students, The Guardian UK 300 reveals the top 300 employers in the UK – overall and for 19 different career sectors. But it also features the careers story and advice of executives and star graduate employees at a selection of these top employers and advises students on how to maximise their chances of securing a position at their employer of choice.

Pick it up..

Lex 100 logo_0917
from the Professional Development Centre, 1st Floor Bannerman Centre (Library building).

Work abroad?

Interested in studying abroad, finding an international internship or searching for a newredcarwithluggage

job here or around the world? Get answers to your internship and job search questions.  Get a realistic understanding of work permit and visa requirements, as well as financial considerations and other prime factors critical to your success in a new location.

  • Learn how to identify US employers seeking to hire international professionals through H-1B visa petitions – and how to connect this information to current job opportunities.
  • Learn how to connect your degree with hiring opportunities by identifying key employers and industry contacts for informational interviews and study abroad networking.

Find out at a webinar how to get the best out of GoinGlobal.   Register…

You can find GoinGlobal on the PDC website.

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