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  • In-tray exercise
    Play the role of a manager and improve your time management and prioritisation skills. Get an explanation for each question and a final score report
  • Situational judgement test
    Graduate level questions that evaluate your judgement abilities in work related situations and conflicts.  12 questions in 30 minutes with explanations and score report
  • Psychometric test practice hub
    Psychometric test samples.  The tests produce a score report, allowing you to review your results with access to explanations

Welcome to the PCC

hello_thumb_tacks_teflWhether you’re a L1, L2 or L3 student, postgrad or researcher the PCC are here to help you with your job search, applications, interviews and all those other career questions.

Try these…

practice psychometric tests Actuaryfrom Practice Aptitude Tests – numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning, and some mini numerical reasoning video tutorials showing you how to tackle difficult questions.

Get in some practice: recruiters’ selection tests

LaptopIf you’re applying for graduate training schemes, placements or internships you’re likely to encounter verbal and numerical tests – many of which will be online rather than paper-based. Do some practice now then you won’t be so fazed when you take a recruiter’s test.

Take somepractice tests.  The Kenexa and Graduates First tests are good ones to try first as you’ll get feedback on how you’ve done (the Graduates First test also gives worked answers once you’ve done the tests).  The SHL tests are used by several employers.

Tried the tests and struggling?  You have a couple of options: talk to a Careers Consultant or your Placement Officer or, if you’re a current student, you could contact ASK.

Verbal psychometric tests

Taking verbal psychometric tests?  Struggling a little and feel you would like some help?  stick_figures_verbal tests_11402Try these:

Free verbal and numerical tests: Norton Assessment

This is an opportunity to try some online verbal and numerical tests from Norton Assessment which should give you a preview of the full psychometric tests you are likely to encounter as part of a selection process.

These trial tests are free, and all participant data is anonymous. The links to the test trials are:

Practice psychometric tests

Free to Brunel students and graduates you’ll need to register to take these tests from Graduates First. You’ll get feedback after you’ve completed each test and – a big bonus – you can also download Q&A giving worked solutions to each question.:

  • Numerical reasoning (NRT)
  • Verbal reasoning (VRT)
  • Logical reasoning (LRT)
  • Work personality questionnaire (WPQ)
  • Question identifier tool (QIT) This identifies (based on your personality) the kind of questions that you might be asked at interview

While you’re on our website also take a look at the Kenexa and SHL tests.