International internship?

Study abroad, find an international internship or search for a new job here or around the world? Use GoinGlobal (Enter your Brunel username and password to gain access.) to get answers to your internship and job search questions.  Get a realistic understanding of work permit and visa requirements, as well as financial considerations and other prime factors critical to your success in a new location.

  • Learn how to identify US employers who wish to hire international professionals through H-1B visa petitions – and how to connect this information to current job opportunities.
  • Learn how to connect your degree with hiring opportunities by identifying key employers and industry contacts for informational interviews and study abroad networking.

Join a GoinGlobal training webinar:

Europe/Middle East
Date Wednesday 15 March 2017
Time/Time zone 10:00 am GMT

Save the Graduate

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The site is powered by recent graduates and gives useful career resources and tools, eg an employer profile directory and job search engine.  There’s also information about understanding student loan repayments, postgrad study or gap year, and self-employment.