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with the Inside Careers guides.  Find out about the areas of work available in a sector, recent intern and graduate profiles as well as industry specific application and interview advice:

Break into banking

The eFinancialCareers Graduate Guide – What really happens in the M&A division of an achievement_30kinvestment bank? How will your career evolve in sales and trading? Which interview questions will you be asked at Goldman Sachs? What do you do in operations? Learn everything you need to know about what it takes to get into finance, and what jobs in the industry actually entail.

What’s really happening in banking?

Get some pointers from J.P. Morgan’s team of European banking analysts by reading this manonboxwithquestionarticle on the efinancialcareers (efc) website.  efc have pulled out J.P. Morgan’s sector revenue forecasts and then listed some questions based upon the bank-by-bank issues J.P. Morgan’s analysts highlight in their report.

The end product is 25 questions you could consider asking at banking interviews – but phrased with care and a little less bluntness!

Be ready: Banking interviews

manonboxwithquestionTake a look at 70 top banking interview questions and how to answer them from efinancialcareers (June 2015).

Don’t panic when you see the questions!  There are questions you would face if you are applying for an entry-level role as well as questions for ‘mid-ranking’ roles.

Excel in an investment banking division internship

poundGet some tips to help you achieve your dream of moving on from an internship to getting a graduate job in the sector by reading this efinancialcareers article giving tips from current analysts, formerly successful IBD interns and career consultants.