Keen to code?

So, fancy yourself as a bit of a keyboard wizard, and want to hone your knowledge into a career in coding? Well, we thought we would look through and discuss some of the various routes you can go down.

Web Dev:

A front-end developer is responsible for everything that a user sees on a web page, writing the code that runs on their browsers. To be a successful front-end you need to have a great understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript at the least, but there is also a range of other coding languages you can learn to further hone your skills. To complement this, you’ll also need an understanding of web design and user experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have a back-end developer who is responsible for everything that runs on the server behind the scenes. On-top of HTTPS & Java knowledge you’ll have to learn more specific forms of coding such as python, PHP & Ruby.

You can also merge these to become a full-stack developer, who is responsible for all aspects of web development.

Android & iOS dev:

Perhaps you’re more of the Candy Crush type and find yourself wondering how these apps are built, then look no further than a career in app development. You’re pretty much limited to two paths here; IOS & Android (there are others but these are the major players). For IOS you will need to learn how to use X-Code to develop using Apple’s Swift language. For Android, it’s a bit more like web dev, and you’ll need to learn to program in Java using Android Studios, and who knows maybe you’ll make the next flappy bird.

This article was written by Patrick Lawther from To get more info on a future in coding such as wages, progression and a list of resources check out their handy career guide.guestpost

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