The New Healthcare Revolution: Innovating in a digital world

Thursday 15 June 2017,  7:00pm
Imperial College Business School, Lower Ground Square (LGS) Lecture Theatre
Science Innovation Union

‘As technology advances and becomes more commonplace in our daily lives, the incorporation of digital technology into our healthcare system is inevitable and empowering. This trend toward a digital health “evolution” can even be seen as a “revolution” against the stifled progress in improving consumer experience and care delivery methods.

As health and biomedical data contribute toward the big data explosion, digital health can provide the basis upon which this data can be used to incite innovation and investment opportunities within the healthcare and life science sector.

This session focuses on the impact digital health technologies will have on the pharmaceutical markets and life sciences over the next five years and beyond. In addition, this session aims at providing a space for scientists and students to think about their own future in digital health technology through initiating a start-up/spin-off or by joining a well-developed industrial company.’


  • Professor James Barlow, Technology and Innovation Management (Healthcare), Imperial College Business School
  • Simon Jones, Director, Logic Health Consulting
  • Elizabeth Hampson, Senior Manager, Healthcare Strategy, Deloitte Consulting

Register for a free ticket where you can find further details including directions to the lecture theatre.

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