Top 10 Web developer interview questions

guestpostGot an interview? You’re almost there.  As well as the standard interview questions you’ll get in any job, these questions are examples of the things you might be asked as a potential web developer.  Make sure you’re prepared for them!

1  What industry websites and blogs do you read?
This question is designed to test how passionate you are about your work.  Make sure you read up on your subject and can talk about how you enjoy keeping up-to-date and learning new things.

2  What does HTML mean?
It’s not a trick question, but developers should know what acronyms stand for.  It will ensure you look competent to your potential employer.

3  Which development tools do you like to use and why?
The purpose of asking this question is to find out how you like to work, and how you might interact with the team.  Be honest, and don’t be afraid of saying how you’re eager to learn about new tools too.

4  Do you have a favourite development language?
Again, this is designed to dig under the surface and find out how much you know. Talk about different languages to show your skill level, and why you prefer a certain kind.

5  Can you spot the problem with this code?
Your interview may consist of a few small tasks. It’s the best way for an employer to see what you can do.  Don’t panic, and just go about every task logically and methodically.

6  Can you write down the HTML for this example?
Another common exercise, this is make sure you do fully understand HTML, and don’t need to copy previous code or rely on external resources.

7  Which website or code are you most proud of?
This is your chance to shine and prove what you’re capable of.  Have a specific example ready that shows good clean code.  Your employer will be looking to see how neat your work is, as well as the overall outcome.

8  What’s your greatest skill as a web developer?
Another example to talk about everything you know, this question is just a way for employers to find out where your passion lies and what you really enjoy doing.

There’s no reason why you can’t specify what you’re best at as long as you show you can do other things too.

9  What do you want to learn most and improve upon?
Showing your willingness to learn and embrace new things will go a long way in indicating how you’ll fit a certain role and your ability to work with the team.

Employers appreciate honesty and a desire to improve, so don’t be afraid to talk about how you’d like to develop areas where your skills are currently a bit weak.

10  What are you working on right now?
Just like the first question, this one is asked in order to check you actually do have a passion in becoming a web developer or designer.

Be prepared to talk about how you enjoy working on websites in your spare time, and not just because it’s a job.

How to Ace a Web Developer Interview provided by iWeb Solutions

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