Market research – is it for you?

Couple of posts this week on market research, prompted by us receiving an updated market research directory here in the Placement and Careers Centre last week (which you’re welcome to come in and look at).  Made me think we could look again briefly at what exactly market research involves, the skillset for it and some useful weblinks.

What does market research involve?

Market researchers collect and analyse information from consumers on behalf of other organisations, plan projects and assess the results of these projects. You may be working on consumer market research or social reserach. Clients may be businesses, governments or charitable organisations.

Skills audit:

You’ll need good interpersonal, written and oral communication skills, strong analytical and numerical skills, have good attention to detail and be accurate in your work. You will be a creative thinker, with good problem solving and IT skills, commercial acumen and an interest in why humans behave as they do. 

Does this sound like your kind of job? 

More tomorrow …/

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