Successful application? What next.. a telephone interview?

  • Visit the PCC and get some advice from a Career Consultant or Placement Officer
  • Visit PCC Secure resources to watch the section of  the dvd Making an impact that covers ‘phone interviews.  It’s only 13 minutes long and covers the practical do’s and don’ts of first stage interviews and visits the question ‘Describe a situation when…’.
  • Check out the information on the TARGETjobs site
  • Come in to the PCC and look at the reference books on interview skills
  • Research the organisation and the job role that you’ve applied for

The interview – some of the basics:

  1. Choose somewhere quiet to take the call where you won’t be interrupted
  2. Make sure your mobile is charged and that you have a strong signal
  3. Have your CV or application form to hand during the call, and a pen and paper in case you want to make any notes
  4. Smile – this will come across when you’re talking
  5. It’s ok to take a little time to think how to reply to a question

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