A timely reminder…

I’ve just read an article by THE ORACLE on the LawCareers.Net website and I thought that it might be timely to highlight the information as it’s relevant to all sectors not just law.

‘I applied for an immediate vacancy on ….. and have since been asked to come in for an interview. However, I have been applying for so many positions all over the place, I have forgotten everything about the role and don’t even remember sending off the application! Is there any way I can find out?

The Oracle replies

Well, you’ve got yourself into something of a pickle there! Act in haste, repent in leisure, isn’t that how the saying goes? As exciting as the prospect of a job is, there are a few things to remember when applying for jobs.

First, firing off an application within minutes of seeing the vacancy is not a great idea. Although as the name suggests they’re immediate in nature, you should still send in a considered, well thought-out application for any vacancy you see.

Second, it is your responsibility to make a note of anywhere you apply. We remove vacancies after the expiry of their deadline**; sometimes, firms may remove the ads themselves if they have been inundated with responses. Thus, it is up to you to keep track of where you’ve applied, the relevant position, and any contact details.

Third, if you really can’t remember the firms to which you have applied because you’re sending off applications willy-nilly, then the Oracle isn’t entirely sure that you deserve the job! An application should only be submitted for a position that you have given some considered thought to, not just because it’s there.’

** This also applies to vacancies advertised on the Placement and Careers website.

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