StuConnect is the platform for students and graduates to connect, share and develop skills. Students across the country from all levels and disciplines will be able to locate each other and collaborate on business or study related projects.

Who is StuConnect for?

Stu Connect is for you if:

  • You are studying and have an interest in starting a business or freelance career
  • You would like to locate a student or graduate that has the skills you need to complete a business or project-related task
  • You are a skilled student in areas such as design, photography, app development, programming
  • You want to find projects to start building your portfolio

Why StuConnect?

Often students have ideas or projects they would love to take further but have no easy or affordable access to the skills to do so. StuConnect will provide access to skilled students from Universities across the country happy to provide the necessary expertise. This could be marketing, programming, app development, web design, photography and more.

StuConnect will provide an opportunity for you to source and complete jobs for other students/graduates to start building a portfolio.

Where to go now?

Register for your profile at

Like the Facebook page and get involved with the community

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