3G mindset?

‘Ninety-seven percent of employers say they pick the right mindset over the right skill set when they recruit, according to breakthrough research across Europe, Asia and the Americas, published [31 May 2011] in Put Your Mindset to Work by James Reed, chairman of recruitment group Reed, and Dr Paul G. Stoltz.

Honesty and trustworthiness lead the list of the top mindset values employers want, closely followed by commitment, accountability, flexibility and determination.   Mindset values form three categories the authors have called Global, Good and Great, with the winning combination named the 3G Mindset.  

Aviva, Merck, Mars, Shell, Prudential, Deloitte and Facebook explain what the right mindset means to them, while a study of 30,000 CVs from first application to final outcome reveals CVs demonstrating this 3G Mindset are statistically three times more likely to get the job.

Reed said, “Our worldwide research shows that mindset completely trumps skill set.  Demonstrating the 3G Mindset to employers makes all the difference to your prospects for success.  In fact, our research shows that you can triple your chances of getting the job you want if you show your winning mindset in the right way on your CV.

“Even though there are twenty per cent more new jobs available in the UK now than a year ago, people struggle to stand out.  Employers have told us that a person with a 3G Mindset is seven times more valuable than a normal employee.   Applying these insights now is more important than ever to win the job you want.” ‘

With thanks to Recruiter at www.recruiter.co.uk

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