CSR / ethical careers – what does it all mean?

Food for thought today …

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, but does that make us any the wiser about what CSR means in the context of ethical careers?

Despite difficult economic times, jobs being hard to come by etc etc people still make ethical decisions about the type of work they want to do and why, how work affects issues important to them, their own individual commitments to ideas and issues and also their own personal sense of work-life balance of priorities.  The aim perhaps is to attain a good match between your own values and an organisation’s ethos?

The feature on ethical careers on the Prospects website considers all this in a bit more depth and includes some links which may help you as you further consider what constitutes an ethical career choice for you.

Just to flag up a couple more things here, have a look at Ethical Performance.  Also, come in and have a look at the ‘CSR Professional Services Directory’ in the Placement & Careers Centre. This reference source has an index of categories ranging from academic institutions to environmental management, from ethical trading to sustainability and an a-z list of organisations offering CSR professional services.  So if you do want to explore this route into work more thoroughly, these are a few resources to get you started.

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