Questions we’re often asked … I want to work in ….. but I don’t know much about what it would actually involve. How can I find out more?

Number 3 in our series of things we’re often asked about.  Whether you want to work in publishing, advertising, events management or any other type of job, there’s information on the Prospects website which will help you find out about the many different roles there are within each job type. 

For instance you might want to work in advertising, but do you want to be an account executive, an account manager, an account planner, a media planner or an advertising copywriter?  What does each of these roles involve?

 Go to the Prospects website and click on Explore types of jobs.  For each job in the A-Z there’s a detailed job description, typical work activities and details of entry requirements, training and career development, plus case studies of real people’s experience of doing that particular job.  A vague idea about what a job involves is not enough to get you through an interview – why not do your research now and find out which role would suit you and what it entails to do that job?

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