Occupations Uncovered!

2 new books in the Placement & Careers Centre – Accountancy Uncovered by Jenny Keaveney and Psychology Uncovered by Owen Davies.

Accountancy Uncovered tells you what accountants do – their roles and specialisations, the training, skills and qualifications you will need to do the job, what it’s like to work in accountancy as a trainee and your future prospects along with useful contact addresses and websites.  What’s the difference between CIPFA and ACCA?  Read this book and find out …

 Psychology Uncovered describes the many career options open to people who have studied psychology.  There’s a detailed description of the six main psychologies – clinical, educational, occupational, forensic, neuropsychologyand health/sport/exercise psychology.  Also, there are descriptions of other types of work where a psychology qualification is useful – this includes health and social care, community work, education and work within organisations – eg HR. 

If you’re interested in either of these types of work, come and have a look at these books to find out more.

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