Thinking of working in publishing?

If so, we have a couple of books in the Placement & Careers Centre that you may find helpful.  How to get a job in publishing by Alison Baverstock, Susannah Bowen and Steve Carey is useful if you want to work in either book publishing or magazines, or online publishing, with chapters on book, journal and magazine publishing, e-publishing and the future direction of publishing generally.  There are also sections on how to get your job in publishing – ie how to market yourself, put together a cv and job application and how to use a recruitment agency, plus how to handle a job offer and your first job in publishing. 

All three authors have extensive and wide-ranging publishing work experience and the book is written in a very practical, matter-of-fact style to tell you what working in publishing is really like, rather than the glamorous image people often have of working in this sector, which is not the whole story! 

The other book you may want to look at is called Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook.  This is a useful all-in-one resource for finding contact addresses for all UK national newspapers and magazines, UK book publishers, literary agencies and media contacts such as TV, film and radio contacts.

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