Can you have a look at my CV?

This must be the most frequently asked question we get in the Placement & Careers Centre.  Of course, the answer is yes, but you will get a lot more out of your discussion with your Careers Consultant or Placement Officer if you spend some time looking at the resources we have on offer first.

Whatever role you are looking for, the CV you produce will need to follow different guidelines, however Selling your skills on paper is a great place to start and will help you think about the type of language and content you should be including. We also have a variety of sample CVs offering different angles and points of view depending on the roles you might be applying for.

No one knows the work experience you have had and the skills you have developed better than you, so spending some time on your first draft before your appointment will give the PCC team a better idea of how they can help you sell that on paper.

While we’re talking CVs – couple of useful books which you’ll find in the Placement & Careers Centre: Why You? CV Messages to Win Jobs by John Lees and You’re Hired! How to Write a Brilliant CV by Corinne Mills.  Come and browse them when you’ve got half an hour to spare.

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